Looking at the current situations about relationships, analysis have been proven that there are several cases of relationships falling. This has brought different challenges to the fallen relationship victims, such as low self esteem as most partners tend to think that they are the cause of the misfortune. But in the real sense both have got issues due to miscommunication and that’s the key thing in this case. Fallen relationships has also been brought by different contexts as an element of communication such as physical e.g body languages, social e.g lifestyle and behavior, historical such as the history behind one another’s past relationship. Some challenges can also be like: Lack of being on the same page-You and your partner needs to be clear on fundamental decisions like where to live, if you are to have babies and how to use and spend money to avoid disagreements. Relying on body language- Partners tend to open up at first but as things process one would want the other to read their body language which one may fail to, and this may result to disagreement hence partners are required to understand each other .Refuse to compromise- To compromise is to make a choice, “the choice to accept each other for who you are.”

The topic is to help boost on communication skills in a relationship so as to move from a superficial to a more intimate relationship. Gives knowledge on how to build relationships without challenges such as how to make ones relationship last longer. It also describes communication as a key thing in every relationship and its absence may cause damage. In relationship cases Interpersonal Communication is more applicable because its a shared meaning between two individuals.

Communication is the base of all things even in enterprises, organizations and so on. Based on the career sector it’s needed as there is negotiation between employees and the employers and incases of media, the producers (media industries) need to relate with the audiences to get feedback in order to perfect their areas of weakness.


Initial interruption theory by Charles Berger and Richard Calabrese in 1975.

The doctor Laura program by Laura Schlessinge, a relationship expert and host of XM Radio.

It’s called Breakup because its Broken by Greg Behrendit and Amiir Ruotola.

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